Corporate Branding Biz Box

The content of the package is:

1. The Crossroads Methodology
2. Cloning Methodology
3. Linkedin Methodology
4. Military Knowledge and Business Strategy book

and a WordPress Businesslike Website and Theme for Cloning

What is the Corporate Branding Biz Box

Simply put, it is a collection of tools, strategies, and blueprints that will walk you through all the steps you need to take to launch, promote, and profit from your own “offline” internet marketing business.

We leave nothing to chance, and no stone unturned! In this course, we’ll show you:

• Exactly what you’ll be doing, and what your future offline clients will be expecting from you (even if they don’t realize it in the beginning!)
• Step you through the basics of IM (Internet Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you’ll be well armed and well prepared for the work that lies ahead
• Show you multiple methods of getting (and keeping!) clients
• Discuss pricing models – What you charge is going to change, depending on where you are, your target market, and exactly what you’re offering, but we give you the tools to price yourself in your market’s “sweet spot” and consistently land clients!
• Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll introduce you to some important shortcuts that will make your life easier, and your end-to-end process smoother, faster, and more efficient than you ever dreamed possible!
• Step you through building (and automating) an efficient, robust marketing system that will give you both power and flexibility.

And More!

Who Are We, and Why Should You Listen to Us?

Chris Hartpence and Teije Bakker are two internet marketers who have never met face-to-face, live on opposite sides of the world, but have, with their combined methodologies, created a startlingly simple, amazingly effective system of setting up a new business, getting and maintaining new clients, and automating/simplifying the process, such that it leaves YOU, the business owner, with more free time, and let’s face it, time is your most precious commodity. Both of them have landed contracts enabling them to say good bye to the “corporate rat race,” and achieve financial independence on their own terms.

Why would you want to spend months, if not years learning via the school of hard knocks what we can teach you in a few days of study with these materials?

The simple truth is, if you’re serious about making money online, you wouldn’t. It just wouldn’t be a good use of your time.
• Leverage our expertise.
• Learn from us, and let us help you realize your dreams of financial independence!
• Look, there are no gimmicks here, but also there are no guarantees. You will get from this program what you put into it.

If you are willing to study, and apply the lessons learned, you’re going to succeed. How much success you find is up to you. For obvious reasons, since we don’t know you, we can’t tell you how much money you’re going to make, but we can draw you a map.

We can show you step-by-step how we got there, and using that as a guide, you can learn to free yourself.

What Do I Get?

The course materials consist of a set of four e-Books in PDF format, a PowerPoint slide show presentation (can be viewed with Microsoft Office, Open Office, or comparable software) and WordPress Businesslike Website and Theme, walking you through every step and every phase of the business, leaving no stone unturned in order to maximize your chances of success.

1. The Crossroads Methodology
2. Cloning Methodology
3. Linkedin Methodology
4. Military Knowledge and Business Strategy book

and a WordPress Businesslike Website and Theme for Cloning

We want you to succeed, so we’ve taken pains to make sure this material is as clear and comprehensible as we can make it!

In all, the course materials span more than four hundred knowledge filled pages you can put to use immediately, available via direct download, just after your purchase!

I’m interested in the CBBB – What’s my next step?

The course is yours for a one time fee of $ 97. There are no monthly fees, renewal charges, periodic dues, or any other such nonsense. Just a one time fee that gets you lifetime product updates, and of course, offered with a sixty day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you are not completely satisfied… if we don’t over deliver with this product, we want you to ask for a refund.


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We value your input too much to risk it by doing something so foolish!

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